Starch syrup is a universal and irreplaceable basis for many food products, especially confectioneries. The high popularity of syrups is no surprise when considering the numerous advantages it has to offer: not only does it significantly improve the taste of a given food product, but it also lowers the caloric content of a product, and is easily digestible.

The upsides of the product become quickly evident – the consumer benefits from a product that utilizes natural ingredients, while the producer has access to low cost, high quality ingredients. As a result, our partners benefit from a controlled technological process and lower production costs.

One notable trait of Amylco is its usage of innovative filtration technologies for its syrups. These technologies allow us produce a wide variety of starch syrups with differing beneficial qualities, which not only improve the appearance, texture and taste of your products, but also allows them to retain their natural and nutritional value.

We offer a wide variety of quality syrups for a wide variety of customers. Our well-trained specialists and consultants will happily assist you in choosing the type of product, tailored specifically to your industry’s needs.