Apart from syrups and starch, we produce high-protein fodders for fowl and livestock, which are not only marked by their nutritional benefits, but also by their low cost.

These are some of the more cost-effective, quality fodders which not only help to preserve, but to increase the health of your livestock. This would mean that our clients can expect higher levels of productivity for lower cost, making their business more competitive.

Corn gluten fodder, for instance, is an excellent source of protein, energy, as well as being easily digestable. It has excellent taste qualities and is high in mineral content (especially in phosphorus, and potassium). It is an excellent replacement for barley and wheat feed, both in term of nutritional value and low cost.

Corn germ is used in producing corn oil and is widely used in producing animal feed.

Food-grade corn gluten is one of the most protein-rich products obtained in the process of corn refining, when the protein in the corn is separated from starch, fibre and fat. Some of the more valuable proteins include albumins, globulins, glutenins and zeins. The protein from corn gluten is notable for its content of important amino acids for cattle and livestock (methionine and cysteine).

Corn seed extract is a liquid product, which is used in preparing gluten fodder.