About Corn

A Golden Product.

Corn seed is the source of the raw materials used to create various types of starch, saccharine and high-protein fodder products. The seed of this crop contains a wide array of important amino acids and nutrients necessary for one’s health and wellbeing. Thus, it is an indispensable source of nutrition for humans and animals alike.

Quality is Our Priority.

We take great care in choosing what kind of corn we want to use in order to make the best products possible. Every single delivery of corn undergoes a rigorous process of quality control in our well-equipped laboratories. The integrated system of quality management ISO 9001:2008 allows us to commit to effective quality control of our incoming raw material as well as our final product with greater efficiency. In addition, the convenient location of our plant allows us to purchase corn all year around and at convenient prices, ensuring that production continues on a perpetual basis. Thus, Amylco supports national corn producers, stimulating local farming businesses, and contributes to the positive development of the overall farming sector in Southern Russia.