All of our produce is certified, and meets the criteria of international standards – ISO 9001:2008. Our first product, caramel syrup, was released in 2009. Looking back upon these humble beginnings, today, Amylco LLC. proudly takes its place as the second largest producer of starch products in Russia. Currently, we have the capacity to refine 170,000 tons of corn annually. It is the opinion of our executives that innovation, competitiveness, and the perspective for further development – those are our main criteria for ultimate success. Without these vital ingredients, it would have been impossible to develop a reputation for excellence as well as the trust of our business partners that we enjoy today. Our lucrative geographical position is within the crossroads of vital routes of transport. We possess easy access to river and sea ports, a proximity to the Ukrainian borders, and ample raw materials to allow for constant production. Understandably, these circumstances have allowed our company to develop significant competitive advantages in relation to other manufacturers of starch products in Russia. We are always open to cooperation, and strive to take part in productive economic and business dealings with our prospective partners. Our clients desire to work with a company which understands their needs, and which can provide them with quick and effective solutions to increase the value of their products, making them more competitive on the market. By working with us, our partners can be certain of these outcomes, as they are in the hands of a reliable partner – Amylco.