Corporate security

Amylco corporate security system is designed to facilitate corporate culture & corporate values of the company, as well as protect our staff, financial and technical assets, property, products, technologies, manufacturing, administrative and commercial processes from various threats.

Amylco values its reputation. We are interested to build long-term, mutually beneficial and open relationships with our partners. Our every employee is responsible for their activity making our company competitive and effective in the market.

If you became aware of any corrupt practices, facts of abuse of power or other illegal actions infringing Amylco corporate policy by Amylco employees, please let us know in any of the following ways:


There is a mailbox for written messages in the lobby of the office building.

Or you can post your letter to the following address:

346130, Rostov region, Millerovo, 22 Promyshlennaya st. 

Attn: Amylco Security Department

It remains up to you whether to stay anonymous or make yourselves known.

Hotline: +7 (905) 427-77-70