Corporate Values

The Business Principles of Amylco

Honesty, Goodwill and Professionalism – These are our core principles which are at the centre of all of our business affairs. By employing these policies, we are able to maintain our reputation as a reliable producer, retain  our  clients’ trust, ensure  the constant flow  of  production, and  of  course, remain competitive on the market.

Quality – This is a cornerstone of our business philosophy. Our focus is to only develop  goods of the utmost quality. This means that our clients can expect products that are natural, nutritious, competitive and cost effective. 

Responsibility – Corporate and social responsibility is a central part of our decision making process, as well as our daily business activities. Every employee understands that they have a role to play, and that this role must be played in a responsible manner. This enables  us  to forge a close  working relationship with  our trading  partners.

Innovation – We consider innovation to be the basis of a successfully developing business. Amylco constantly works to improve in everything it undertakes – perfecting its business over time. We strive not only to stay competitive, but to exceed customer expectations.

Safety – To us, the safety of our customers and clients is simply paramount. An embodiment of responsibility, this standard is necessary in order to keep a business running effectively, and to keep our    clients content.

Effectiveness – We believe that every facet of our business must be run effectively and efficiently: from management and production to sound decision making. By effectively and intelligently utilizing our resources and potential, we can minimize costs and ensure the health of our business.